Mechanical Engineer

Prodigy Engineering is looking for a mechanical engineer with a minimum of 5 years experience to work on a wide range of projects from automotive, aircraft and others. We are looking for a mechanical engineer with a diverse background to support current and new projects. This person would be required to define requirements, estimate costs, design products/fixtures, etc, using SolidWorks, oversee the procurement/build of products and test the product or system to verify it meets the requirements. This person would interface with customers, vendors and interact with the Prodigy engineering team. We are looking for a hands on person that can work a variety of projects in a fast paced and fun environment with experience. with experience in fabrication, electrical, hydraulics, and general design knowledge.
Prodigy Engineering is currently designing, building and validating extended range electric vehicles for VIA Motors. Prodigy will continue to design electric powetrains and systems for other vehicles along providing engineering services to other customers for a variety of projects.
BSME Required
Master and Professional License a Plus
Contact: Jim Spellman
Phone: 317-522-8970
Email: jspellman@prodigyengineering.com
Please send resumes to my email jspellman@prodigyengineering.com

Don't Be Fooled

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